Categorical Evildoing

I attended a pleasant session at a local Dennis restaurant yesterday. Coffee And. This consisted of the brew plus reading of short essays or vignettes written by a group of about ten women that attend the local college in th colder months. I say the local college, but we do it for fun as seniors.

The short pieces that these ladies produce are delightful. Yesterday our assignment was to write about one or all of the Seven Deadly Sins. I tried my best to do a little research, but came up short when it came to present day beliefs of a particular church. If I find out more, I will correct the info. My recollection is fuzzy about dogma changes that occured in the 20th Century.

Categorical Evildoing

They were seniors. Dressed in upscale summer clothing, they entered my local Dunkin’ Donuts. She sat at the tall table near the window. Soon, he sauntered over to her with two iced Lattes. She talked in normal conversational tones, until she came to her main point, announcing as if on stage,

“I have more money than you ever thought of having.” He said nothing. What is there to say? It is no wonder that pride is at the top of the No No LIst, the Seven Deadly Sins. Not that this woman necessarily qualifies. Who was she referring to? I have no idea, but it made me think of why the ancients, first the Greek theologians, then the Roman Catholic bunch thought high-mindedness should be at the top of the list.

Could it be they thought pride led to just about every other transgression? What are the Seven Deadly Sins? They had evolved over the centuries. At one time, eight were listed, including one called sadness. Wonder what they had in mind with that one. I will refer to a list I found on the internet, so I get it right. When someone asks me to name the seven, the Seven Dwarfs come to mind. I can’t remember all their names either.

Pride. Envy. Gluttony. Lust. Anger. Greed. Sloth. In the middle ages, these were the baddies. Behavior far worse was left out. Did the powerful of the day create the list to keep people in line? And which people? As religion reared its ugly political head, clergy, being aligned with the royals, were known to glom onto higher education. The serfs were taught little else than how to do their chores and what not to do. By the time the Roman Catholics became ultra powerful, peasants received a bonus, instructions on how to perform the signs of the cross.

By the middle of the Twentieth Century, the Seven Deadly Sins were taught as little more than a curiosity. Parents did not think of pride as a negative. Children were told to be proud of their appearance, accomplishments, the friends they kept, kindness to others and other good stuff.

At least one of the religions categorize the negatives of mortal and venial sins. Into the 1940s or was it the ’50s, teachings were that perpetrators of the former were sent straight to Hell, the latter placed in a holding area named Purgatory. How long the wait for heavenly residence depended on the degree of sinfulness. Gradually, clarification came into the mix, church higher ups explaining that purgatory was not a place, but a state of being. What the Hades, at least they straightened out some of the mumbo jumbo.

Heaven is up there, Hell down. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed. In the lower entity, one will burn forever. In the old days, high ranking clergy threw in something extra. Punishment for each particular deadly sin could range from being thrown into a snake pit or eating the slitherers, along with rats and toads. Those guys were really creative.

What’s in a Name?

Griselda Worgerserk Piffle. I have no idea who she was. This moniker was found in a phone book by an author so many years ago, I can’t remember his name. Funny what sticks to your brain. Another writer (I think he was a ’50s news commentator) had a habit of collecting name combos like Winston Smyth Henry that can be switched around to read Smyth Henry Winston, etc. As a young man, he discovered that there are plenty of such names in university officials lists. He drove his family crazy shuffling and reading them aloud.

Creating names for fiction was a challenge for me until I received the alumni directory from my college. It contains wonderful ethnicity and name combos from boring to intriquing. Better than the phone book. For era authenticity, there are lists of popular names for particular years, yours for the Googling.

What got me started on these thoughts today was being given the name of a representative  at the power company. She did not offer this at first blush after I finally got past the Iron Lady on the phone. You know, the recorded one that greets you and often replies, “I didn’t get that,” when you want to talk to a real person. Normally, when I ask for a name, I will state that I need one “in case someone asks me ‘who said that.’” If I don’t get a laugh with that one, I smell trouble.

I talked with a Sharon next. After I told her how the health insurance company’s recorded phone rep makes me repeat my ID over and over, I go dead-silent. This signals  that I may be in big senior trouble and I get through to a real person. She sounded like a good audience, so when she asked me what time I would like my appointment next Tuesday, I said, “Not before 10:00 AM. I’m up early every morning, but I have to get used to the world.” I love talking to the Sharons of the universe. They must get tired of the same old, same old every day, so why not?


7/18/14:  How’s This for Bad Parenting, Folks?

I live on the Cape and it is summertime. There is a stretch from an exit on Route 6 to where I turn toward my house. It takes about a minute to go this distance on a good day. I stay in the left lane to make the turn. There is no point to race up to the corner and a red light. The guy behind me snuggled my rear end all the way. As I pulled into the turn lane, he passed me. A boy about fifteen years of age pulled his body out of the back window clear down to his waistline to wave as Dad raced on. If this makes little sense to you, try a rainy day.

I decided to visit my local Dunkin’. Parking is limited, especially in summer months, but with patience, someone moves out. I got lucky and had lunch.  As I left the restaurant, there was a strong downpour. I expect a few antsy drivers at these times, so used my right-hand turn signal and calmly moved out into the lane in front of the restaurant. There was barely enough space to pass, but don’t you think some idiot sped in front of me? So what, I thought. As I peered at the car, my “so-what” became “It’s a damn shame.” There was a young boy in the back seat learning something that could get him killed in the future. If you drivers must get it off behind the wheel, at least save that disgusting behavior for when your kid isn’t there to see it.

7/16/14:  Ongoing Income Saga

Yes! Finally, I received answers regarding fees, what funds are a waste and where I should invest at my age. Within a half hour, I learned more than I had in years dealing with bank reps. I am so glad I called my friend. I hesitated doing this, following the old advice that you do not put investments in the hands of the guy you play golf with because he seems like a nice guy. He is also quite young, but works with a team of seasoned advisers. One, he pointed out, is a woman who takes no nonsense if things do not move smoothly. At times, we need bulldogs. I expect we will have a quick transfer of accounts thanks to his associate.

This morning, I am off to a writers’ group at the library.  Good friends are needed at this point in time and more than I probably realize.

7/15/14:  Playing with this blog will have to wait. Are you aware of how emotional upheavals can wear you out physiclly? I had planned to hear a presentation by a writer acquantance of mine last night. We need all the support we can get.

What got in the way was money. Not that I had to give anything but a small voluntary donation to the library. It is the banks that are getting in my way. I had transferred from one that had held thousands of dollars hostage in order for me to carry a “free” checking account. It took several months, even though I followed each set of directions for the retiree incomes and the bill-paying outlays. These things should not take so much time to materialize. Several of these institutions seem to have thrown the info up on a cloud somewhere. I had help from a rep at the new bank and we both kept on them. Three months later…

Flash forward to the new financial manager. I met him and decided to move several accounts, including an IRA that will stop paying 5% in August. He started the processing over a month ago. I called Friday, left a message. I called Monday, left a message. No answer. Very ungood. After a relaxing light lunch at the Dunkin’, where i go to write or chat with customers, I went to the manager of the new bank. I wanted to know what happened to Alan, who appeared to be a go-getter. He went and got all right. Suddenly he had quit. Seems he received a better offer. Trouble is, no one told me!

I made an appointment to see a new adviser Thursday. Hmmm, I thought. I called a fellow who works for a prestigious firm. He is coming to my house this evening. Not that I have that much money to go bananas over. When he worked at the local bank, he used to kid me about my “big bucks.” The fact that I took out an IRA way back when helps. The main reason I am not falling through the cracks is that I paid off all debt years ago. The house I lived in was paid off in the 70s. A woman I worked with at the time said the car I was interested in was sub-admirable. I should take out a loan and get one with pizazz.

“When you’re dead and buried, someoneelse can pay off your debts,” she said.

Nah. That never helped anyone breathe into their sails.

7/11/14: When I can figure out how to place  info on the footer of the blog, I will. Seems folks do not want to use “comment,”  so I have a new email address:

When I had mistakenly allowed users in, the email addresses contained fkdklrku or zufooglz or numbers thrown in. What does that tell you? Anybody get this junk?  Dump ‘em.

I gave the new address to two young ladies today that work at the Chat House. I would love to hear from them and other real people, not scam artists. Meanwhile, I will see what I can learn about Word Press on Youtube tutorials.

Jeanne Savage

For Your Information

Just got of the phone with Beltone. I have been using their products for a few years, now. I am going for my third set of hearing aids. I had been grandmothered in for free batteries and checkups for life, having been a faithful customer. So how come I can’t get a direct answer from them. They will not give a list pricel on the internet. That is why I called. I hae talked to a rep. locally, so why must I go back to him for the answer? I get “this discount,” “that special,” “and with the “Tufts payment, muddle something, something payment, we’re talking over $5,000 with 3 years free batteries and checkups.” Wait a minute. Suppose I want to hang in with this premium model for the rest of my life? (They charge enough for free lifetime batteries, at least.)

The model with 9 channels is over $4,000 less the insurance payment and you get 2 years of free batteries and checkups. I would really like to know what the basic charge is. In their ads, they suggest that prices are different depending on which office you go to. That does not sound Kosher. When I think of past experiences, there is always a sale on or the proprieter can get you a discount or even bend a little. I have worked one of those before. Wonder if the grandfather rule can be kept in place. ???

Some Other Info

4/22/14: The Fight Is On. Don’t ask me where I found this. Facebook to somewhere to another sight. Wherever and whoever, I thank you. I have added a mouthwash, or as they put it, a push in my fight against Pseudomonas. The buggers that are in my body are from a very resistant strain. God only knows how long I have had this. The medical practice of testing sputum is no longer routine. I have finally convinced several of my physicians to find out some specifics this way. If one must use antibiotics, I still think what they did eons ago was more effective. It was called a culture and sensitivity. The test took time, but at least you were not thrown pure guesswork from the pharmacy. There are diet changes I have been trying to make environmental me less comfortable for bastardly germs less comfortable. But to get back to the mouthwash—when you rise in the AM, your digestive system has been put on hold, so it is a good time to help flush out your insides. Drink 2 liters of lemon water. I can’t quite hack liters, so have gradually gotten up to about 25 ounces. Meanwhile, place 2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil in a small glass. Nuke a small bowl of H2O and place the glass of solidified oil in saucer and let liquify. Let the oil sit in your mouth for twenty minutes, occasionally swishing it. Do not spit out into drain, but be prepared to use a trash basket lined with a plastic bag and a paper towel in the bottom. Do not swallow, as reportedly, the liquid carries germs from your mouth. It is also supposed to help eliminate plaque. We shall see. I am willing to try anything. After four courses of antibiotics to treat pneumonia and this Pseudo crap, I have also put diet into the arsenal. Not only do I believe it helps, the doctors I deal with agree. However, I visited my pulmonary specialist yesterday. The infection? The doctor said I would never get rid of it. He said he had it and that if you work in hospitals, this is not unusual. Well, I will keep on doing what I am doing with diet and check with my primary. You learn by your mistakes. I was treating tap water with a small amount of baking soda, testing with a dip stick to see if I brought the pH factor up a bit. My big mistake was not reading labels. I wound up reading my ankles instead. After a while, they blew up. Damned if the baking soda isn’t loaded with salt. Currently, I am eating organic greens. Salads are on the menu nearly every day with lots of spinach. I grow Swiss chard and kale and steam in a double boiler. The veggies I mentioned here have an added bonus. Iron. Drinking plenty of water is helpful. I have to beat myself up to do this, though.

7/20/13: Cherry Tomatoes The strawberries have been finished for over two weeks. I looked out early yesterday and spotted a bigger-than-a-golf-ball sized red tomato. Hooray. It is not that I haven’t had a few cherry variety treats over the winter, The two plants that I started indoors last fall produced, if sparingly, pleasant edibles. I left the plants out to die near the back door. Not much sun hits there, but the sons-of-guns kept going, throwing out blossoms. I fed and watered them and enjoyed a few early munchies, those the neighborhood scavengers didn’t grab before I did.

I visited a naturopath doctor early this summer. She approved of my mostly natural food diet, as had a nutritionist I saw last year. Four years ago, after tiring of tasteless engineered food, I had zeroed in on the good stuff, particularly foods that would help my body do battle against the baddies. The internet has information about properties that fight, for instance, cancer. A believer in preventive medicine, I knew that within attractive whole foods, were chemicals. Yes, chemistry can help. I like to call it better living through less medication and CAT scans. The ND is not anti-medical doctor, explaining that she studied what her counterpart physicians did, with the exception of drugs. I am following her suggestion that I try cutting out gluten, for one thing. So much for my visits to the Dunkin’ for sandwiches. There is a deli down the block that will make anything you want on a gluten-free bun. I visit there once in a while. During this heat wave, the supermarket delis gets my business. It features good German potato salad and seafood salad. I suspect the big chunks in that mayo is crabmeat. I see no other unidentified swimming objects. This is only one meal a day a few times a week for now. I break up the fishy protein with their best sliced turkey. No chicken, though. They do not sell no-antibiotic, no-nonsense varieties at this counter. We agreed to try adding more protein via whey. I found a variety that is lactose-free and sweetened with stevia. I mix 20 or so grams into almond milk and pur it over cereal in the AM. I opted for vanilla flavor. Vanilla and chocolate are addictions I allow myself to follow. I make up for this with healthy musts in the morning. Before I went off milk generally, I added several types of ground nuts, chia seeds, sprouted kale, a handful of blueberries, and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to organic yogurt. The organic part is questionable. Who knows what they feed cows these days. Anxious to try making almond milk yogurt. This milk has been scarce, as has almond butter. I don’t feel like getting dressed early to run down to the store and beat out other customers who want the brand of nut milk that does not contain carrageenan. The other brands have that thickener in them. They say it is seaweed. Question that one. After they get through playing around processing and chemically fooling with it, do they add MSG? I am not taking a chance. I understand this is added to processed food to make you hungry and frequently added to carrageenan. Go figure. Translation: There goes your figure. And so it goes. I will soon be planting seeds for the lettuce, kale, tomato, etcetera crops to keep salads going during the fall and winter. The porch needs neating up, but what the hell. If I have time. Recently bought a program for my ebook device and have been playing Scrabble with Al. Al is a computerized pal I can’t hope to beat. Who’d have thunk he would come up with an eight letter word toward the end of the game. Yes, I know. Only seven tiles, but he latched onto an “h” at the botom of the outside left column. When I get tired of him, I play my alter ego. One of us has to win. Footnote: Maybe I should have titled this piece, Oh Shit, Another Addiction.

7/25/12: Want to save money? To begin, my old clunker of a TV in the bedroom suddenly croaked. I called some local stores. A name brand was available, a 24″led with built-in DVD for $300. I checked with another store and they had it for a little less but i would have to wait for delivery. Okay, I checked Best Buy*. They had their own brand side by side with the big-name brand. It has the exact-same features, but. The big but. Can I trust the unknown brand? Then I thought of the warranties that used to be in force for years on good products. They do not exist any more. I get the feeling that everything is made overseas no matter whose name is on the label and generally, they are backed up for only one year. Nuts, I thought. I picked up the store brand for $200 dollars, added a four-year extended plan for $30, figuring I’d saved on that, too. I brought it home, plugged it in and easily followed directions to get up and running. Now, if I can only find some decent programs. That is the big problem. Most broadcasts are hardly worth the monthly fee.

*The store is mentioned because it sells a multitude of electronic merchandise in the Hyannis area, has a 30-day return policy and many choices. I receive no monetary or other consideration for putting this on my blog. The store has it’s pluses and minuses. If I need a fix on the TV, I must pack it up and leave it at the store for at least three weeks. I have had this experience in the past with their products. Will let you know if anything ugly happens.

So, What Else Is New?

Things have gotten really complicated with blogging. If  I want to play, it seems I must put up with a little torture first.

Recently signed up with Word Press. Seems the general public wants to have iPads, IPhones and iEverything included in the fun. Typical of computer updating, bells and whistles are added, things that have been balky since the 19 megabyte days are ignored.

As I laborously set this thing up, on one of the forms,  Anyone can join was checked. Wrong. I apologiize to those who left their names and email addresses. I did not open anything. I saw some of the gobbledegook addresses that to me are suspect, like the one sent by some bimbo who keeps pestering me. No thank you. No dates. No…as for the clowns that keep trying to sell me Viagra, you are barking up the wrong gender.

I do welcome comments, legitimate comments, that is.  There were hundreds on my old blog. Some were written in foreign languages. Not being multilingual, unfortunately I had to delete them, along with the messages written in Klingon. Add to that multitudes of Tweeterlike little nothings written under the influence of at least silliness.

This new entity has been a touch foreign to me. Widgets, schmidgets, I could show them how to simplify the process for newbies. What is wrong with a graphic of one of the page styles, showing what each term represents? Perhaps on each such label, links to straightforward directions would help us out of the maze of unnecessary reading matter.

I wonder if there aren’t too many cooks. At first, They showed an area near the top of the page on which I was to write my blog. Toward the left was the word Sample. I was under the impression that I could place a short bio here or a blurb regarding what the blog is about. Not so fast, Jeanne. After figutring out  the sidebar thing, I discovered that the links were repeated up top where Sample had been.  Why would I want to repeat myself? The techs at Godaddy are very helpful but one guy recently commented on this, “Word Press does that.” My  retort was, “I hate things that think for me.”

I figured out how to put pages in by working backwards. I had made the mistake of trying to place titles on the sidebar first. Can you see how brief directions would help? If they think I am going to plow through verbiage that mainly has nothing to do with my questions, they are thinking like my brother who is quite intelligent but quirky. He must read instructions from beginning to end before he will attempt to assemble anything.

You are not the only ones, Word Press. I was recently forced to upgrade my Mac, which is not that old, in order to register a Garmin GPS. My files are loaded with unwanted stuff, automatically thrown there each time I want to view something online. (I was told by an Apple tech that this is thanks to MSN, which I use for my email address.) I don’t know if these folks are being nasty to each other. Play nice, guys.

As I said before, my files are full of it! The new version for the Mac changed their filing system so that you can’t view “Today” or “Yesterday” or the “Past Week,” which was nice. Now, I must scroll endlessly to get to what I want. And so much for dragging and dropping my photos. That is not working either. Patience, Jeanne, patience.

I miss Quick Blogcast, which Godaddy threw under the bus.  It was simple and I got a lot of hits for a newcomer to this game.  When I can figure out the lingo on Word Press, I will get back to writing.

Have a nice iDay.

Sloppy Gun Control

After the recent shooting of school children, folks have been sending postcards to their representatives. I created one with Magic Markers and posted it on Facebook. It is on my Jeanne Savage page for anyone who wants to copy or print it  onto blank cards and send them off. The kids are worth it.

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my therapy.

Driveucrazy has been around for several years. It has truly been my therapy. My gripes are sometimes the same as others in this nutsy world. You may look at it as universal need, a term that writers’ books tout as an author’s way into a best seller.

Right now I am looking at it as the easy way out. Instead of  annoying my friends with rants, or worse, paying a shrink, I choose to throw bucks to the website providers. (Currently, with a sale on, quite a bargain).  @:) I am including the smile to show how up-to-date I am.

There will, of course, be more to write about. I am wiped out after several computer issues, like having to upgrade my Mac in order to register a new GPS. Really! I spent money on a backup gizmo. $60 plus later, I find out I can’t look at the contents. Really! I wouldn’t even know how to get the data out of the little box.

And so it goes, or doesn’t, as a matter of fact. When I get this site going, I will make some of my older blogging available.  Some of the older posts have helpful hints and other positives. I do not rant all the time.

Thank you for your patience,                                                                                                                                               Jeanne Savage