Things That Drive You Crazy
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Things That Drive You Crazy


4/22/14:                            The Fight Is On
    Don't ask me where I found this. Facebook to somewhere to another sight. Whereever and whoever, I thank you. I have added a mouthwash, or as they put it, a push in my fight against Pseudomonas. The buggers that are in my body are from a very resistant strain.
    God only knows how long I have ...
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For Instance: Bitching Time

4/3/14:                                                      Quick Piss-Off Thought

     How many have been killed because our government agencies do a "looks good" job? The recent hearings regarding General Motors is a case in point. Where are the teeth in these agencies? They just tell a billion dollar company there is a problem with their product? No follow-up to make ...
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POV: Political Perspective

2/16/14: Something I have been noodling over. Probably too much time on my hands, thinking of Christmases past and so on...                                                                                                  When I lived with Betty, she literally ran the ...

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Cooking For Dykes, the book

 5/23/13: You Tube. Yeah. The Rising Tide Writers (those that attended a recent meeting) are on You Tube for your enjoyment. I would like to give you a link, but what I was given does not work. I tried to type it in, but no go. A recent link given to me by a photographer/writer friend will not bring me into You Tube for a video taken at Pilgrim Nuclear Plant on May 19, 2013. Nuts.

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Recipes and Such

8/25/12: It never rains, but... Sometimes the precip is good, though. I had been inundated with electronic fixits between my new cell phone, two adapters for the TV and a modem I had to install. About that time I had starting a new venture, microgreen growing. It is experimental for me, and obtaining the equipment meant scrounging around the garden supply stores. Time. All this took time.
   The doorbell rang yesterday. It was my ...
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But Who's Counting?

11/5/11: So, 179 hits yesterday, 40 looks at Who Said That, 99 at other categories. Now that we've gotten that over with--will have something more to say after today. Will be going with some Cape Occupy members as a presence at a political rally. Hope others throughout the country get involved. Keep it peaceful, folks.

11/3/11: If you wonder what I look like, go to "Who Said That" in Trivia category. Scroll down--way down. Of course, I was in my ...
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Household Tips

Window Sills: Have trouble cleaning the dirt just outside your windows. You know, the grungy strip between the inside window and the screen and/or storm window. Where I live, the spring brings yellow pollen that eventually turns to dirty looking crud. You can suck most of it out with a small vac, but the little corner areas are hard to get at. Tried a toothbrush with some success, although when I went through my artist brushes, ...
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To Whom It May Concern

The following is a copy of the letter that concerned citizens tried to deliver before the NRC proceeds with plans to relicense the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

Citizens' Demand for the Immediate Retirement of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station


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Who Said That?


    1.  "Life is something that happens while you are busy making other plans." 
    2.  "A hobby is something crazy you do to keep from going crazy."
    3.  "Who is Stevia?"    
    4.  "This American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you
will, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we seize it with both hands
and make the most of it."
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Outdoor Shows

4/27/12: Talk about benign neglect. I have not forgotten art, though I have been hitting into the Occupy movement of late, as you can probably see when you open my blog most days. For several years before the movement came into being, I concentrated on writing. My first book is out now, but I don't have the energy to push my literary contribution. The only way I can see it as a bestseller is if I murder someone and get in the newspapers. It's a crazy world.
   The reason I am telling you this is ...
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